Express Your Child’s Creativity With The Sphero Specdrums

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Parents. How can you bring out the fullest potential in your children? How can you help them display the full extent of their intelligence and creativity? Those are definitely tough questions to answer.

Answers may vary according to the parenting books you are reading, but they may often be very complicated. Yet, one simple method has been largely overlooked by parents: play. And that means to give your child the avenue to explore and venture where their curiosity takes them in a world where boundaries do not exist. And to give them the tools that will empower them in this manner.

Among the many toys in the market with real developmental value, one outstanding contender has to be the Sphero Specdrums, which uses technology to create a highly interactive playing field that combines art with movement to take your child on a creative journey like never before.

What Exactly Is The Sphero Specdrums?

In short, the Sphero Specdrums is a ring that is worn on your child’s finger and it magically turns colors into music. To make a little more sense out of that, the ring uses a companion app, called Specdrums MIX, to produce beats and melodies when it is tapped on anything with color. How? Built with optical light sensors, the Specdrums can recognize colors and it will associate a certain color with a sound through the application. When something is touched with the ring, it will determine the color, and then play the corresponding sound. The companion app comes with a huge library of preset sound packs such as Grand Piano or Drum Kit, allowing your child to explore a huge range of instruments. By arranging the sounds in any order possible, your child can actually put together a song of their very own!

What’s So Good About Specdrums?

Versatility: The Specdrums MIX app gives your child access to sounds from more than 100 other instruments, leaving a lot of resources at their disposal to be the next great performer. Even better, they can also record their own sounds and play it, enabling limitless potential for music creation.

Portability: The Specdrums are lightweight and easy to go around the tip of the finger. That is one of the best things about the gadget: Don’t sit still, get up and use it on everything and anything  colored, such as clothes, drawings, walls, etc. Though a play mat featuring a rainbow of colored panels is included in the kit for beginners to practice, your child is free to tap the ring on everything they want.

Flexibility: The Specdrums are equipped with Bluetooth transmitters, meaning that they can be connected with your smartphone, laptop and even with one another. Therefore, your child can create and share their music with others, or even form a band of Specdrums performers!Ease of use: The Specdrums are quite strong yet comfortable to hold and wear as they are made from white silicone. Their battery can last for up to two hours on continuous usage, giving more than ample time for your child to be the rockstar they have always wanted to be.

Unlock Unlimited Potential In Your Child

The Specdrums have immense educational value when you look past its simple surface. First of all, it is a very friendly way to arouse your child’s interest in music. Rather than lecturing about the benefits of music or forcefully demanding your child to learn how to play a musical instrument, you can simply let them use the Sphero Specdrums to play with music and colors and this might go on to nurture an organic love for music in your child.

Another plus point about the Specdrums is that it allows children to innovate and experiment. With the wide range of sounds that your child can play with the Specdrums, it gives them an infinite number of possibilities to create their very own music. Your child will have the absolute freedom to be as creative and original as they can be. 

Last but not least, while scientists and researchers have long pointed out that music can have a positive influence on memory and intelligence, the general consensus is that only active engagement with music can bring about that effect. And if your child isn’t still keen enough to play the piano or guitar, what a better way to get them engaged in music than with the Specdrums? Not to mention the physical benefits as it is a great motivation for children to get up and move around to make music instead of sitting idly using a mobile device. This could be a great first step in raising healthy and intelligent children.

The Specdrums is also a fantastic device for teaching. Due to its mechanism, the Specdrums is a good tool to demonstrate color association or the psychology of how color and sound are connected. In addition, Specdrums also makes a great example for a child’s modern-day STEAM education. How? The incredible amount of tech embedded in it is one reason. The other is that the process of music proposition is somewhat similar to coding as children have to create loops and put together various sounds and pitches. This is believed to help them strengthen their math and problem-solving skills. And most importantly, it is a device that focuses greatly on the Arts, to develop your child’s right brain as they mature.

It’s Time To Unleash The Musician In Your Child. 

Creativity is such a valuable asset in our modern age, and yet it is one of the hardest things to nurture. If you believe in the value and potential of kinetic and auditory creative learning for your child, then come meet the Sphero Specdrums, and unlock a whole new dimension of play like never before.

The Sphero Specdrums are available at DISTRICT for S$169. We warmly invite you and your child to come experience first-hand the magic of the Sphero Specdrums at our experiential store. You’ve got to see it, hear it, and feel it, to believe it.

The Sphero BOLT Is A Brilliant Educational Bot For Your Child

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Parents. Are you looking for new ways for your child to learn about coding? Let’s be real, sending your child to evening classes after school or on the weekends, can be tiresome, expensive and might not be as interesting as it was before when your child begged you to learn about coding. 

Not to mention, looking for educational tools and apps on the Internet can be cumbersome, and most of them are difficult to use, especially for a child. Digital learning platforms are more appropriate for adults, and it can be challenging and complicated for a child to understand. Without further ado, it is time that you should know more about Sphero BOLT.

What Is The Sphero BOLT?

Not to fret, if you’ve not heard about Sphero, then it’s time that you should know about it. Sphero is a company that is globally known for its consumer robotics. In fact, Sphero has created lifelike versions of the  BB-8 robot from Star Wars. But the company has done much more than creating models. It has increased its focus on education by merging robotic toys with digital apps to generate incredible entertainment experiences for learning. 

Sphero’s latest in-line merchandise is another educational robot, the BOLT. It’s basically designed to teach children how to code. The BOLT is designed to work alongside the Sphero Edu app to teach fundamental concepts of programming languages through three different ways:

  1. DRAW – this is for a beginner’s level where the user can draw paths that represent code for their robot to follow.
  2. BLOCKS –  The user will learn to practice and utilise the Scratch block-based programming interface.
  3. TEXTS – This learning is designed for those who want to learn to use JavaScript and write text programs like a boss.

In the end, the Sphero BOLT will nurture your children’s imagination in many different ways that no education programme can ever reach. Sphero offers cross-platform apps that are approachable for all skill levels – for children and adults, allowing you to learn through creative techniques.

How Does The Sphero BOLT Work?

The BOLT connects via Bluetooth through the Sphero Edu app. It works as a portal to view your child’s programs and additional programs that other users have shared on the app feed. This gives your child the sense that their part of a growing community who wants to learn programming. 

As previously mentioned above, the app gives you three different options for your child to learn. The more your child learns about the BOLT, your child’s knowledge in coding will increase, and more new projects will open up, which gives your child a lot of opportunities to develop skills in coding. In addition, this learning opportunity should not only limit to your child. You as well have the chance to learn about programming languages. It can be a fun way to bond with your child and to learn a skill together. 

The BOLT’s high-speed zooming is entertaining and fun to watch. The graphics, text messages and animations even make the outcome of all that coding more visual and fast. The BOLT truly opens up a range of new opportunities for your child to learn at a whole different magnitude.

Not to mention, the tutorials and built-in projects give added assistance in developing your child’s skills and learning new capabilities of programming languages. However, your child will require a separate computer or an additional monitor to work on so that they can have the sample code and project visible on another screen while working in the app.

How Does The Sphero BOLT Teach Coding Exactly?

The BOLT is designed to be programmed by responding to the commands that tell the BOLT to move at which speed and direction, how to rotate, and how and when to flash its built-in LED lights. As a user, you can create conditionals, and it will respond as its data comes from its sensors. For example, you can program it to change direction if it’s going to collide with an objection, or even keep tabs on its course and speed. 

Moreover, the BOLT adds further opportunities for your child to learn more. The 8×8 LED Matrix animates and displays real-time data, which means they have full control over the brightness and colour to shine. This allows them to create simple images and multi-frame animations using a straightforward editor that’s intelligently built into one of the command blocks. What’s more, different blocks allow the user to create and run scrolling text messages on the display as it moves around. It gives your child endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning.

What Makes The Sphero Bolt So Special?

At S$224, the BOLT may seem expensive, but it is definitely one of the best learning cross-platforms that allows you and your child to learn programming. It brings exciting new learning capabilities for children to work with, both on the input and display, and it is supported by one of the largest tech education systems in the world.

Nothing beats the BOLT as it brings an accessible way into coding and does a fantastic job of bringing learning to life and getting children excited about what programming languages can do. So, if you are looking for a way to encourage a more active learning engagement with your children, this will prove a hundred times better than most other toy gadgets.

Don’t Miss Out.

The Sphero BOLT and the Edu app is easy to use, accessible and straightforward. Any eight-year-old child will instantly understand how to create primary programming language and get the BOLT moving. As a cool gadget with a purpose for education learning, there’s nothing that quite matches the Sphero BOLT.

The Meural Canvas Is Bringing World-Class Art Into Your Home

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Home owners. You might not have realised it yet, but digital art is taking over. And it doesn’t look like its presence is about to tame anytime soon.

The existence of digital art has been rising exponentially. Being an up-and-coming instrument not only in urban visual streets, digital art is now slowly also becoming part of home decor. But why? Well, most people are of the opinion that no home should be left incomplete without art pieces. They immediately enhance the look of any room, and are an effective way of showing people the kind of things one is into. And this works everywhere! Whether it be a studio, a 2-bedroom apartment, a gorgeous lake house, or even your parents’ basement, framing beautiful art pieces on display is an essential act of expression for art lovers, and frankly, I think most people.

The problem with this though is that transcendent art can be costly. And let’s be real here – not all of us can afford to spend thousands of dollars on individual art pieces to parade in our living room. This is why the ever-intrepid geniuses at Meural created an amazing smart art frame that lets you switch global art pieces all with the wave of your hand.

What Exactly Is The Meural Canvas?

The Meural Canvas is the first smart art frame that provides unlimited access to thousands of artworks that look as lifelike as museum originals. Powered by NETGEAR, Meural brings one’s home alive by giving them access to a world of diverse and curated art pieces. In simple terms, it lets you have a piece of art on your wall that you would otherwise only find in a famous art gallery, but also change it whenever you like. Would you not like to have such an opportunity?

Founded by a duo of NYU buddies, Vlad Vukicevic and Jerry Hu, Meural aims to revolutionise visual arts in today’s digital world. The Meural Canvas was thus built for those who want art in their lives, but also did not want to lose an arm and a limb over it. The founders saw an opportunity in this and believed that there was a way to use today’s technology to bring art into people’s everyday lives, without the added cost of paying for the price of premium. And so, Meural was born.

So, It’s
Just A Digital Frame?

Saying that it is just a digital frame doesn’t give Meural the justice it deserves. With its patented TrueArt technology, Meural’s proprietary hardware, software, and firmware incorporates a 27″ 1080p IPS display with a unique anti-glare technology. This makes the art on display to have breathtakingly lifelike texture and colour. Not to mention, it displays the variety and nuances of colours unbelievably beautifully. With its distinctive ambient light sensor, it measures the room’s brightness and automatically adjusts to match and maintain accurate colour reproduction. When the room gets dark, the Meural Canvas is automatically put to sleep. The Meural Canvas also gives one the option to change the art displayed with a single swish of the hand, or even using Alexa command.

Meural Canvas Specifications

The Meural Canvas comes in two designs – Leonora and Winslow. The Leonora comes with either a black or white frame made out of American Poplar wood, covering 48.7cm (h) x 74.9cm (w) x 4cm (d). The Winslow, on the other hand, has a wood-coloured frame made out of American Walnut. Its frame is 51cm (h) x 77.2cm (w) x 4cm (h). Both frames are FSC-certified and based on sustainably harvested wood, and both designs have a 1920 × 1080 full HD  resolution with 300 cd/m2 brightness.

The Leonora and Winslow are built to fit seamlessly into any home. They come with heavy-duty wall plugs and a steel fixing plate. There’s also a small rubber pad to hold the frame if you choose not to hang on the wall and display it another way instead. However, the frame’s structure is tapered, so it can’t just hold upright on a table and will need to be tilted against a wall or any solid foundation.

The genii behind the Meural is a 1.8 GHz Quad Core ARM processor, Cortex-A17, 2GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB of onboard storage. And, of course, it has 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi built-in that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Most importantly, there are built-in sensors which include a power button sensor, an ambient light sensor that will automatically adjust the brightness and the display based on the surroundings, and gesture detectors for both vertical and horizontal orientations.

Yes, that’s right! Gestures. Gestures are one of the most significant features of the Meural Canvas. They provide interactivity where one is able to swipe up, down, left, or right. You can use it to navigate menus, to access certain settings, to browse through and select art playlists and move through artwork within the canvas. Swiping right or left lets you forward or go back an image. Isn’t this the coolest thing you’ve ever seen from a digital frame?

You can also interact with the Meural Canvas using the mobile app and website. You can upload photos, manage current playlists and adjust settings. The app is basically your complete art discovery platform. You can access a whole dynamic stream of curated playlists, so there’s always something new to discover and display.  You can also schedule your art playlists to come on at a particular day or time using their advanced technology.

A Dedication To Artists

Here’s what makes Meural’s platform unique — besides the art classics, they are dedicated to empowering a new generation of artists. Meural is not only a digital frame for art lovers to showcase art collections at home, but it is also a platform committed to assisting artists promote their work because it provides digital artists with a new way to monetise their art. In essence, Meural is not only a digital-tech frame, but also a marketplace for art lovers and creators.

Picture The Meural Canvas In Your Home

Just like any other high-quality products, the Meural Canvas doesn’t come cheap, but it is absolutely worth the price. The Meural Canvas currently goes for a promotional price of SGD$1299.00 for the Leonora Black or White version, and SGD$1499 for the Winslow. This launch price includes a 3-year subscription to Meural’s art library, which gives you access to $3 billion worth of unlimited artwork ranging from museum-grade classics to contemporary masterpieces. Following these 3 years, all you would need to do is to personally subscribe to Meural’s art library for continued access to these artworks, priced at a reasonable sum of SGD$10/month.

Trust me, if it were simply a basic digital frame without any of the features mentioned above, anyone would agree that Meural’s digital frames is sorely overpriced. However, being a digital canvas with all these high-tech functions and capabilities, and especially being one that allows people to show off not only their own photos but some of the world’s most FAMOUS artworks from the past and present just gives Meural an edge over other digital frames. More so with their fine, authentic wooden frames, any art lover would be in for a treat with this amazing digital canvas!